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Pulsar ChlorineLangley and Taylor, LLC is the distributor for Pulsar chlorine in Middle TN. Pulsar is the best chlorine for sanitation of your swimming pool water.

For those that need swimming pool chemicals and supplies, we offer a wide array of supplies for commercial swimming pools. We stock thousands of parts and whole goods in our warehouse ALL for commercial swimming pools (please see the Shop section for your needed purchases)

Proper pool chemicals can save you many headaches when treating your pool.

Water Problems trouble shooting:

If you are having problems with your water chemistry, there can several possibilities that impact your water. We can help! Pool water chemistry is not simple chlorine and PH, and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make sure that your water chemistry is safe for your patrons. Each situation is different, so there is no text book answer.

Bring a sample of your water to our facility for computerized testing and analysis of your water. OR we can make a site visit.

Did you know that Cyanuric acid when at 50 parts per million can slow down the effectiveness of your chlorine?

Did you know that low total alkalinity can impact your P.H?

Did you know that It can take several hours for chlorine to break down Cryptosporidium before it is destroyed?

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