Common Problems

Over the past several years we have identified common problems with ALL pools. In performing our research we have found solid solutions to solve these problems. These have been tested and proved we proudly offer the following:

"My tile is always dirty and has a scum line"

This is caused due to bio-film (body oil, bather wastes, suntan lotion, sunscreen, hair products, pollen, body lotions, make up etc.. IS3 enzymes break down these oils and helps keep them from attaching to the tile. IS3 also consumes organic wastes making your chlorine work better and use less of it.

"My cyanuric level is high and I have to drain down my pool"

Using chlorine that has stabilizer/cyanuric already manufactured in it will naturally raise that level.  When cycnuric gets high, chlorine slows down and other problems will occur (algae, cloudy water, smelly water etc..) as chlormaines will start to produce. Pulsar chlorine does not contain stabilizer and will provides a better method of sanitizing your pool.

"My indoor pool always smells like chlorine"

This is due to chloramine production. When chloramine molecules are present in the water, they gas off giving a "high chlorine" smell. This is not good. Chemical shocking can help destroy chloramines, BUT the implementation of Ultra Violet light obliterates chloramines instantly. In return, water chemistry is better and chlorine is saved and air quality is improved. UV also kills virus like e-coli and cryptosporidium. IS3 Enzymes also help reduce organics that contribute to chloramine production.

"What is the VGB Act?"

The VGB Act requires main drains to be compliant with their requirements. Every pools needs are different and must be assessed on a case-by case scenario. L&T is the leader in VGB compliancy in the state.

"What is the American Disabilities Act?"

The ADA will require hotels, resorts, YMCA's, water parks, (please see ADA , Department of Justice for finer details) to have handicap access. Langley and Taylor has all options available to give you the best and economical approach for ADA compliancy.

"How can I save energy?"

Depending on which county you are in, you may be able to utilize a VFD that can control the speed of the pump motor. We have great experience with these and have found them to offer true savings on the electric bill.

"Do I need to plaster/re-surface my pool?"

Not always, Plaster Restoration can be done to help make the interior smooth and restore the white color of the pool. We do provide re-surfacing of pools and provide the best warranty in the south east. Langley and Taylor takes great care in the prep and finish work required to deliver a great plaster finish. Not all contractors are alike and can provide the same time-tested and work we can. Plaster is a skilled/artisan trade and requires those that know how to apply the material and start the pool up properly.

"When do I need to change the sand in my filters?"

In commercial pools about every three years. Langley and Taylor also has introduced using a glass filter media (don't worry, it's not sharp). Glass will not bind up like sand and provides filtration down to a finer micron (better filtration and clearer water). It will even filter out a red blood cell!!

"Can I convert my pool to a salt pool?"

In most cases yes, however some metals and heaters are not salt compatible. Remember, you are producing your own chlorine using salt systems. To answer this effectively a representative from our team would need to qualify if your pool is salt compatible.

"Do I need to drain my pool in the winter?"

The short answer is NO. The pool can float and damage the plaster and interior.

"Do I need to be certified to operate my pool?"

No, not yet. However the Center for Disease Control is drafting a universal health code called the Model Aquatic Code. It is calling for pool operators to be certified, some states already require CPO or AFO certification. Langley and Taylor provide both. Please contact us for setting up a class for your team.

"How do I adjust my pool chemistry?"

If you are new to pool operation or do not know the answer to this question, Langley and Taylor will provide you with assistance.

"How do I know which pool contractors and pool service providers are good?"

LOCAL is the key word to answer this question. In recent years, with the economy worse in other states, Middle TN has become a hot area for out of state pool companies to try and keep their business afloat and have incorporated a "Nashville office." We are advocates of local pool businesses.

We pride ourselves in having excellent references from some of the most recognized names in our area (YMCA's of Middle TN, Burton Hills H.O.A, Bethel College to name a few)

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